Brutal Legend Nintendo Xbox 360 Action Game

Brutal Legend

Release Date: October 13, 2009

Developer: Double Fine Productions

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Brutal Legend Nintendo Xbox 360 action game draws inspiration from the past musical experiences by the game’s creative director, Tim Schafer.  This game revolves around the character of Eddie Riggs whose fascination for heavy metal led him to a fantasy world where heavy metal album cover artworks rule.

There are three tools that Eddie can use for combat and transportation once he already arrives in this fantasy world.  These tools are The Separator, a broad axe; Clementine, his own Flying V guitar; and the Drop a Deuce or the Druid Plow, a hot rod.  These tools can be upgraded to include new moves and abilities.  The in-game currency called Fire Tributes can also be used by the player to purchase these upgrades at the Motor Forge.

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A radio, called The Mouth of Metal, is also set up in the Drop a Deuce, allowing the user to listen to metal songs.   The story includes 23 main missions and 30 optional missions.  The game also provides several allies for Eddie.  Every ally can make a co-op move with Eddie.

In Brutal Legend Nintendo Xbox 360 action game, Eddie will be tasked to interpret the meanings of the several relics and instructions. This is for the succeeding generations that have been let behind by a race of ancient Titans who created the fantasy world of heavy metal.

*Brutal Legend Nintendo Xbox 360 action game screen shots.

Brutal Legend 360

Brutal Legend Xbox 360

The game has available single and multiplayer modes.  The multiplayer mode, as confirmed by the game’s creative director, closely resembles a typical scenario of a battle of the bands.  A team-based approach is used in the multiplayer mode.  Eddie will also meet humans, who will serve as allies of the demons.  Several twists and turns will take place in the story.  The story also portrays themes of heroism and personal sacrifice.  The story is indeed full of substance.  Real-time strategy battles are included in most of the missions in the story.

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