Risen Xbox 360 Action Game


Release Date/s:

October 2, 2009

Xbox 360:

October 2, 2009 (Europe)

Q1 2010 (North America)

Publisher/s: Deep Silver

Developer/s: Piranha Bytes

Risen Xbox 360 action game is certainly one of the video games in Xbox 360 console that will surely attract and interest a multitude of followers.  A reality-based game, Risen incorporates requests and ideas of the players.  Genre-related elements can also be seen in this video game.  Movies are attributed to be the source of these elements.

Risen Xbox 360 action game is expected to stand on its own but ideas of including multiple parts of Risen are being considered.  Likewise, scripted sequences using in-game graphics have not yet been planned.  Packs of furry creatures roaming the land will be incorporated into the game.

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It also showcases non-destroyable armor, lots of riddles, and a more challenging level design.  Rendered sequences and Easter eggs will also be showcased in the game.  Plans for transformations into other beings are being considered but have not yet been finalized.  The player can also increase certain attributes by eating and using some objects.

The game is made more exciting since the models will be using a new material system that would induce a realistic feel to textile, leather and fabric.  A similar shaded effect will also be evident.  A generated sky will also be featured to portray changes in the sky from day to night.  The video game is set in a fictional medieval background on a huge volcanic island.  Different chapters are also included in the game.

Risen Xbox 360 action game

*Risen Xbox 360 action game screen shots.

Risen Xbox 360

Sub-cultures and factions may also be formed by the players.  The video game features mostly exotic animals and very minimal resemblance of real-life animals.  Your skill level will determine your fighting style.  You can also enhance your fighting skill by acquiring more skill points.

Weather conditions will vary from one chapter to another.  A threat to the health of the hero also exists in the form of poisonous and dangerous plants.  Hard liquor will also be available.  The completed game also includes women characters.  The hero’s appearance also remains consistent all throughout the game.  The game also showcases a social hierarchy.  With the very realistic weapons, there will surely be no dull moment in playing with Risen.

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