Saw Xbox 360 Action Game

saw xbox 360

Release Date/s:

October 6, 2009 (North America)
November 20, 2009 (Europe)
October 6, 2009 (Australia)

Developer/s: Zombie Studios



Brash Entertainment (former)

Saw effectively combines Hollywood touch and video game horror. Saw presents the same gritty and depraved world that have thrilled the viewers of the popular film series with the same title.  This video game generally revolves around Detective Tapp, the protagonist in this video game.

Saw certainly present an experience filled with tension that will surely rack your nerves.  Brain teasers and puzzles are also incorporated into this video game.  The scenarios, characters and violent set pieces will no longer be unusual to the players since almost everything is presented in a way that would induce queasiness in the players.

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The game also features an evil god, in the character of the Jigsaw Killer.  The use of well placed television sets will make his voice and image more omnipresent.  Magnetic doors and cages in the facility provide Jigsaw with ultimate control over the facility.  A series of bottlenecks and more fatal areas of confinement will have to be endured by the player.  You will certainly dread being in the asylum with the filthy bathrooms, dirty hallways, dilapidated stairways and bleak decors.

Several chapters are also featured in Saw Xbox 360 action game.  A level of suspense maintained by not disclosing the achievements and number of chapters.  Detective Tapp must free a prisoner in each chapter.  This prisoner is also related to the protagonist’s past and and must be freed from the death traps of Jigsaw Killer.

saw xbox 360 video game

*Saw Xbox 360 action game screen shots.

saw xbox 360 action game

The most enjoyable part of the game is often the set pieces.  In a few different incarnations, you may also see the smaller traps of Jigsaw Killer.  Aside from Jigsaw Killer, Detective Tapp will also meet other prisoners who consider Tapp’s body as the literal source of the key to their survival.  With all these features and more, Saw will certainly make your heart beat faster.

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