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Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 Fighting Game

Street Fighter IV

Release Date/s:

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
February 12, 2009 (Japan)
February 17, 2009 (North America)
February 20, 2009 (Europe)

Developer/s: Dimps/Capcom

Publisher/s: Capcom

Your favorite arcade game is now back with it’s latest installment in Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 fighting game and the much awaited Street Fighter IV cheap video game is finally available. Capcom has retained the familiar Street Fighter II feel, a 2D-game in a 3D environment. The game also has the same Street Fighter 2 cast including the four bosses plus four new characters as the playable ones. Rumor has it that Akuma is a secret playable character in the game.

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While all other new games released today are in 3D, Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 fighting game remains on its 2D format. The camera is rotated in 3D in several occasions which will give a more dramatic effect. Yoshinori Ono, producer of the game, said that he wanted to keep the game close to Street Fighter II. New features includes ‘Focus Attacks’ and Ultra Moves. The old 6-button control scheme will be used in the game along with special moves incorporated in the input system.

street fighter 4 xbox 360

street fighter 4

Unlike a Tech Hit which simply cancels the opponents attack, Focus Attacks lets you absorb an attack then launch a counter attack.  Ultra Combos is a new type of special move as well, adding more variety to the already vast set of special moves and combos previous Street Fighter games has offered.

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