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Halo Wars Xbox 360 Strategy Game

Halo Wars

Release Date/s: February 26, 2009

Developer/s: Microsoft Game Studios


Ensemble Studios
Robot Entertainment (updates and DLC)

If you want to hear good news, then maybe you would be glad to know Halo Wars Xbox 360 strategy game is now on sale. The main good thing about Halo Wars is that it reached one million units worldwide. The Halo fans indeed put the game on a pedestal and made it top-notcher in the strategy game genre.

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Civilization Revolution Xbox 360

Civilization Revolution

Release Date/s:

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
June 13, 2008 (PAL)
July 8, 2008 (North America)

Developer/s: Firaxis

Publisher/s: 2K Games

Another interesting pick is the Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 video game. This is another interesting Civilization game that makes you start from scratch meaning, the starting point of any civilization which is the stone age then slowly work your way to the greatest civilization in the world.

This game is categorized as a turn base strategy game. In previous installments the player is able to have more control on the rules and usually the game can last up to ten hours. In Civilization Revolution Xbox 360, most of the games can be finished in just a span of three hours. The game was made simpler in the the console version which makes the game easier to play.

Civilization Revolution Xbox 360
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This is a one-turn based game but nevertheless ruins the excitement you get while playing Civilization Revolution Xbox 360. There are four victory conditions in this game. One is by dominating a capital city, second is by building a World Bank wonder in a city, third is by building the United Nations wonder in a city or fourth, send a colonial ship to Alpha Centauri.

civilization revolution xbox 360 game

civilization revolution xbox 360

Other Civilizations will fight against you when you are coming close to your victory. They can even capture your own city while you are on war. Each civilization has a leader and could have a special bonus depending on the number of technology they acquire. This strategy game can also be enjoyed on a multiplayer mode which has voice and video chat support. Additional scenarios are also available for download. There are a lot of available Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 games out today.