DIRT 2 Racing Game for Xbox 360


Release Date/s:

Console Versions
8 September 2009 (North America)
10 September 2009 (Europe)
11 September 2009 (UK)
Microsoft Windows
December 2009 (North America)
December 2009 (Europe)
December 4, 2009 (UK)

Developer/s: Codemasters


SCEE (PS3/PSP in Europe)
Namco Bandai (Austraila)

DiRT 2 provides us with set of contemporary off-road events that will challenge all players in different challenges imitating real-life surroundings. Players will get the chance to drive fast cars in different models and take part in intense solo races. Races will be held in new and astonishing locations, the World Tour includes jungle trails to canyon racing and stadium-based races.

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Dirt 2 racing game for Xbox 360 is powered by the 3rd generation award-winning racing game technology of EGO™ Engine. Cars will make use of new damage engine effects and tuned-up car-handling physics system. Aside from the tuned-up system, cars and trucks will also have a make-over in appearance, more details and a lot more fierce-looking as compared to those used in GRID.

dirt 2 racing game

dirt 2 xbox 360

Garage houses will be featuring aggressive and intense off-road vehicles that are seen to the best in the collection of licensed rally cars. Players will immediately receive the keys to seven vehicle classes right from the start of the game. Players will start the game with the Group N Subaru which is the seen as the ultimate car from the original game and it is used as the starting car for DiRT 2 racing game for Xbox 360. As the game progresses, the challenges and especially the cars become more and more impressive and aggressive.

Of course, the gaming experience will not be complete without the online functionality. New social features and one-on-one competition will be featured online. So prepare yourselves and await for the release of DiRT 2 and prepare to get dirty!

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