Need for Speed Shift Racing Game Xbox 360

Need for Speed Shift XBOX 360
Release Date:

September 15, 2009 (North America)

September 17, 2009 (Europe)

September 18, 2009 (UK)

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Need for Speed: Shift racing game Xbox 360 is one of the latest installments to the Need for Speed series.  It introduces a more realistic approach to racing.  The way crashes are simulated in this video game is certainly impressive.  The jarring experience is filled with fear.

Crashes are often portrayed with simulated temporary vision problems.  Violent camera shakes are also featured to make the experience more realistic.  Additional sound effects from your driver will also be showcased in this video game.

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The experience of shift feel also becomes a closer resemblance of the real one through the other minor effects introduced.  These minor effects include high speed tunnel vision, subtle windshield reflections, and engine heat haze.  Need for Speed: Shift racing game Xbox 360 focuses its emphasis on the experience of the driver.

Existing, licensed racetracks serve as the setting of all the actions that would take place in this video game.  Street circuits are also included.  This video game also incorporates a combination of long straights, sweeping curves, sharp corners, and hairpin turns.

All in all, more than 70 cars will be featured in this video game.  These cars include hatches, classics and exotic imports.  Realistic visuals have also been created.  Options are available for customization of cars, such as cosmetics, performance mods, alignment, aerodynamics, tuning, tires, brakes, differentials, and gears.

Need for Speed Shift XBOX 360 racing game

*Need for Speed: Shift game screen shots.

Need for Speed Shift

Eighteen tracks including real world circuits and fictitious tracks are also incorporated into the game.  Need for Speed: Shift racing game Xbox 360 also showcases meticulous insides and outsides of the cars.  Another challenge also lies in the different and often contrasting personalities and temperaments of the AI drivers who may be hotheads or cool and composed.  Competing against other humans is also possible in Need for Speed: Shift.  Around 16 players can participate in online races through the multiplayer mode available.  You will also be able to experience the feeling of speed and vibration through the HUD shakes.

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