Wolfenstein Shooter Game Xbox 360


Release Date/s:

August 18, 2009 (North America)
August 19, 2009 (Australia)
August 21, 2009 (Europe)


Raven Software
id Software
Pi Studios
Endrant Studios

Publisher/s: Activision

Wolfenstein is a video game that involves story-driven first person shooting.  Cutscenes, scripted events, telegraphic messages and intelligence are used in delivering the story.  The main character in the story is B. J. Blazkowickz.  The story takes place in Isendadt, a fictional German town which later served as the main character’s headquarters as the game progresses.

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In Wolfenstein shooter game Xbox 360, the player will meet in Isendadt the two different groups who will provide the main character with the mission.  Isendadt is also the location of the Black Market, the only place where the main character can avail of weapon and power upgrades.  Isendadt will also introduce the main character to three different groups.  Resistance fighters led by Caroline Becker form the first group, the Kreisau Circle.  Dr. Alexandrov leads the scholars of the Golden Dawn.  The Black Market forms the third group and is led by brothers Stephan and Anton Kriege.

This video game features eight weapons with five of them classified as real-life and the three as supernatural forms.  MP40, Kar98k, MP43, Panzerschreck, and the Flammenwerfer are the five real-life weapons while the supernatural weapons refer to Particle Cannon, the Tesla Gun and the Leichenfaust 44.  The Thule Medallion will also be found by the main character along the game.

Wolfenstein video game

*Wolfenstein shooter game Xbox 360 screen shots.

wolfenstein xbox 360

This medallion also becomes the source of several abilities for the main character, including Veil Sight, Shield, Empower and Mire.  The enemies that the main character will encounter are also of varied types.  Wolfenstein shooter game Xbox 360 also features various collectibles such as Gold, Intelligence and Tome of Power.  The Wolfenstein includes both multiplayer and single player modes.  Three classes are available from which the player can select from, namely, soldier, medic and engineer.  Each class has its own specific role to play and possesses its own veil powers that the class would need in fulfilling their role.  The story also takes place in the 1940’s era.

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