FIFA Soccer 10 Xbox 360 Sports Game


Release Date/s: October 20, 2009

Developer/s: EA Canada

Publisher/s: Electronic Arts

Fifa Soccer 10 Xbox 360 sports game is certainly the answer to the prayers of every football fan who would like to play his or her favorite sport through his or her own Xbox 360 game console.  Fifa Soccer 10 features a 360-degree player mode.  Most game modes follow a Virtual Pro progression.  Several solo and multiplayer modes are also available.

Greater depth is also offered through the Manager Mode. Fifa Soccer 10 Xbox 360 sports game is certainly the best up to this date among all the other Xbox 360 video games in the Fifa series.  Its player control showcases incredible fluidity.  Fifa Soccer 10 also showcases enhanced animation and realistic opponent AI.  You will surely be getting a real-life experience of being part of the game through the revitalized Virtual Pro progression and Manager Mode. New abilities can be unleashed in almost every mode of the game.

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The depth of the game is further enhanced with the tweaks and improvents introduced.  A smoother player movement is evident.  The game features superb goalies.  More realistic saves result from the increased number of animation routines.  You will also notice an incredible sense of physicality among the players.

Fifa Soccer 10 Xbox 360 sports game also showcases realistic and accurate representations in changes in vital statistics.  You can also practice while you are in the main mode through the present arena mode.  A variety of different stadiums is also available for you to practice your moves through any player in the game.  The customization of set pieces is another innovative addition, providing the player with an incredible scope of control.

FIFA 10 Soccer

*FIFA Soccer 10 Xbox 360 sports game screen shots.

FIFA Soccer 10

The domain of hardcore players lies in this feature.  Simple runs can still be established by players who are still in the intermediate level to ensure the presence of the strongest player in the box, especially during the time the team will need the star player.  Fifa Soccer 10 Xbox 360 sports game is also credited for introducing improvements to the pace of online multiplayer games, making it qualify as a high caliber football game.

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