Batman Arkham Asylum Used for Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Pre-PlayedThe Batman: Arkham Asylum used for Xbox 360 revolves around saving Gotham City from the craziest villains that escaped the Arkham Asylum. It all started when the The Joker and his accomplices took over the Asylum and managed to escape. Now, Batman has to track each one of them and put them back where they belong.

Of course, he cannot do the job without using his high-tech gadgets. Advanced forensic devices is at his disposal to be able to figure out puzzles and traces left behind by his enemies. Batman: Arkham Asylum used for Xbox 360 is all about clever enemies and highly-advanced weapons. Players will surely be exposed to a whole new dark and atmospheric adventure and get to battle with all different kinds of enemies, move in the shadows and instigate fear to their enemies.

Now you get to experience being Batman by using all these fancy and high-tech gadgets. You should watch out for the one on one battle with The Joker, VICTOR ZSASZ, HARLEY QUINN and Killer Croc as the game progresses. One of the greatest feature that you can use against your enemies is the Invisible Predator™. You get to move around your enemies and they will not be able to notice you and strike whenever the time is right.

These are just a few of the great features that you can come across with the Batman: Arkham Asylum used for Xbox 360. Batman fanatics will surely love this and all that it has to offer. Do not miss out on the fun and get your own copy now!

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Xbox 360 : Batman Arkham Asylum VideoGames

Xbox 360 : Batman Arkham Asylum VideoGames

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