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You will take on the character of Eddie Riggs , played by Jack Black, who loves metal rock and makes use of his electronic guitar to fight off evil. He is on a mission to free a group of headbangers from a life of oppression. Once freed they are on the mission to fight off evil and save the human race through their metal rock songs.

Eddie Riggs' enemies hates the sound of heavy metal so it is your duty to know all the things that can help him in his mission. Buy cheap Brutal Legend combines action and music and results to an awesome game. The game is set in a world between Lord of the Rings and Spinal Tap. The game features a lot of hit metal rock songs and voice talents of rock giants.

Mountains are shaped like amplifiers, guitars and many more. Characters are brought to life through leathers, studs, kick-ass guitar, awesome ride, rocker babes and a lot more. You will be greeted with different metal rock songs from 1970's to the present. The game is not complete without the cameo appearances of the Metal Rock Gods such as Rob Halford, Lita ford and many others.

As the leader of the band, you will direct your band into a series of Battle of the Bands where survival is the trophy. Play multiplayer mode online and beat your friends online and enjoy playing the game and listening to your favorite metal rock hits.

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If this is not enough for you then here is more. Buy cheap Brutal Legend game lets you fly, walk. run and drive anywhere you like. The world is mostly inspired by all of the most awesome album covers. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!