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Grand Theft Auto IV - Pre-PlayedThe game is not only interesting but also the price because now you may now avail GTA IV cheap Xbox 360 action game. This is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North. It received overwhelmingly positive reviews that made it one of the highest-rated games of all time. GTA IV is quite similar to the other GTA games in the series. Player is free to move and transport in different places, vehicles can also be obtained by stealing. However, there is also a mission that needs to be achieved by the player. It is necessary to progress through the game to unlock certain items like map and content.

Combat system is in third-person scheme. The multiplayer mode has 15 modes available and supports up to 16 players. The entire city can also be explored and players can be customized. The story has two possible endings depending on the choices of a particular player in the course of the game.

Get to cruise the streets of Liberty City in all its glory which is exactly based on the real New York city. Perform all classic GTA-style missions all you want. Spot you next car and jack them off the streets from their unsuspecting owners or break windows from cars parked in parking lots or in the street.
GTA IV cheap Xbox 360 action game provides you with GPS to navigate your way through the city and get to where you want to be.

When you get head-to-head with you enemies then stock up on toss grenades and rocket launchers, these will surely get them out of your way in no time. G
TA IV cheap Xbox 360 action game allows you to access buildings so you get a better view of the city and an advantage for easier escape. To make things even more interesting, you get to play with other 15 players online in different modes.

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xbox 360 GRAND THEFT AUTO IV pal COMPLETE with manual and map GTA 4 microsoft

xbox 360 GRAND THEFT AUTO IV pal COMPLETE with manual and map GTA 4 microsoft

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Xbox 360 - Grand Theft Auto IV

Xbox 360 - Grand Theft Auto IV

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The setting of GTA IV cheap Xbox 360 action game is in Liberty City that consists of four boroughs that is based on the boroughs of New York City. Borough is Brooklyn, Queens is Dukes, Manhattan is Algonquin and Alderney is based on New Jersey. Try to find out more about the game by getting a copy. Cheaper copies of the game are available in our store.