Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising New Xbox 360 Game

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Pre-Played
You will be able to experience the real life intense situation in a war. Both Special Officers and marine combined its efforts to take on the Chinese PLA set in Skira. Be the leader in lead the troops to survive.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising new Xbox 360 game allows you to create your own strategies and on scripted missions. You are on your own and what is only provided to you are your weapons. So be sure to be always on the alert because enemies can be anywhere.

The game will surely take you to war as close as it can be. As a player, you are thrust into the a dangerous battlefield and the only goal is to get out of it alive. Of course, to survive you need to have weapons and this are not just weapons, these are advanced and powerful weapons that can take down enemies fast.

Players will be able to feel the fear and the intensity of being thrown in the middle of the war. Making use of advanced weaponry and taking on the Chinese PLA set in the wide-open space of Skira.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising new Xbox 360 game allows you toto drive tanks and use almost real weapons in surviving in this battle field. With more unscripted missions you are left to think and survive on your own. Help comrades by protecting their camp, lay down cover fire and get involved in other essential mission objectives.

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This is your chance to prove yourself that you can survive the harsh situations in a battle field such as in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising new Xbox 360 game. The only way to become a victor in these tough situations is to become a survivor. With the help of modern military weapons and strategic plans you are sure to come out alive in this battle.