Resident Evil 5 Cheap Xbox 360 Horror Game

Resident Evil 5 - Pre-PlayedGive your reflexes some exercise by purchasing Resident Evil 5 cheap Xbox 360 horror game is in our store. Developed thirteen years ago, Resident Evil is a game that would surely keep any player on his toes. Gameplay is pretty much the same as Resident Evil 4 but the difference is that it features new enemies called "Majini" that means evil spirit in Swahili. These enemies possess human-like intelligence. There are also new weapons to choose from. A player is allowed to enter or leave anytime while playing the game. Each player can also go to another place and they are not required to stick together.

A new chapter and story awaits you in Resident Evil 5 cheap Xbox 360 game. The Umbrella Corporation's bio-weapons have fallen in the hand of the wrong people. As a player, you get to control Chris Redfield in a colony run new generation of evil.

Your main goal is to track down the people who are taking control of the bio-weapon and escape the flesh-eating beings all together. Make sure to always have a escape plan because these zombie-like beings moves fast and always ready to kill for a snack. Once bitten you can no longer function as human. Fortunately, you have a companion, Sheva, who is always ready to kill these creatures. And with the new lighting effects, you might get confused if that was a movement or just an illusion.

In Japan, this game is known as Biohazard 5. It is also Similar to the film Black Hawk Down. This is the continuation of the game Resident Evil 4 with Capcom as its publisher. Resident Evil 5 usually gets very positive reviews and also became a top-seller in Japan.

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Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 region free

Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 region free

Price: $9.02
Time Left: 1h 16m
Resident Evil 5 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009)

Resident Evil 5 (Microsoft Xbox 360,  2009)

Price: $22.00
Time Left: 1h 35m
Resident Evil 5 XBOX 360 Horror (Video Game)

Resident Evil 5 XBOX 360 Horror (Video Game)

Price: $3.00
Buy It Now: $5.00
Time Left: 2h 19m

In Resident Evil 5 cheap Xbox 360 horror game, teamwork is a very essential element in the game. You have here a companion to back you up if ever something goes wrong and you would desperately need help. Tension is the main factor that keeps you wanting to play further. The pacing is excellent. You would probably want to buy this game right here.