Risen New Xbox 360 Action Game

Risen New xbox 360 action game

There are still many plans for this game and one of them is to add more elements to the game. More characters such as furry creatures are said to be added to this game to add more variety and excitement.

Risen new Xbox 360 action game provides armors that are not easily destroyed so you are sure to be protected all the time when fighting. Increasing your abilities can be achieved through eating something or using a certain weapon.

There are also plans of transforming the character to several creatures which will make the game more interesting. This way the character can move easily when faced in a different environment or can easily disguise himself. A new material system will be utilized to make the clothing of the characters look real. This will eliminate the awkward movements such as clothes not moving naturally or the character walks or moves stiffly.

In Risen new Xbox 360 action game, changes in the environment are possible such as the weather, clouds and the like will also play a great role in achieving a real-life scenario. The change in weather will challenge your fighting skills in battling in different weather conditions. Your fighting style is determined through your skill level and this can be enhanced through increasing your skill points. You can earn skill points by performing several tasks or a quest. Beat as many enemies as you can and be the strongest in your village and defend those who needs defending.

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Microsoft Xbox 360 Risen Titan Lords Factory Sealed

Microsoft Xbox 360 Risen Titan Lords Factory Sealed

Price: $35.00
Time Left: 11h 45m
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Risen 3: Titan Lords (LN) Pre-Owned Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 Risen 2 - Dark Waters Microsoft 2012

Xbox 360 Risen 2 - Dark Waters Microsoft 2012

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Real-life weapons is at your disposal and several items are spread out for you to increase your abilities. Get ready to defeat weird-looking creatures as you go along your way. Risen new Xbox 360 game will not fail to pump up your adrenaline and until the end of each game.