Rock Band Xbox 360 Music Video Game Cheap

The Beatles: Rock Band - Pre-PlayedWhen music lovers and rock band enthusiasts find out that they can have Rock Band Xbox 360 music video game cheap, then they would definitely love to play this game developed by Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games. This has the complete package of musical instruments such as guitars, drums and even singing.

The stuff that are included in the box is a wired guitar, a wired mic, a wired drum kit, and a USB hub - these can all be connected on your Xbox. Overall, this is surely some fun, awesome and very entertaining game.
Rock Band Xbox 360 music video game cheapis compatible with almost most music game controllers.

There is more to a band than just the vocalist and the guitarist. Get to master all different kinds of musical instruments and master your vocal powers through this game. Get to form your own rock band, perform several gigs and rise to fame. Several levels will cover classic albums such as The Who's Who's Next. Modern and Classic rock are both featured such as some of Metallica's, Bon Jovi and more hits to give you variety.

On playing the game, each band member can choose from the levels of difficulty - Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. But the players should also work hard to show a good performance and maintain almost, if not the same level of performance as of the other band members. If not, it is still possible to save a band member that didn't perform that well.

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Rockband Ion Drumset W  3 Cymbals Xbox 360

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Rock Band XBOX 360 Video Games

Rock Band XBOX 360 Video Games

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In singing, the player is not required to have a very good voice and does not even have to reach high-octave. All that is needed is to follow the pitch line on the screen. There is a small meter in the screen that determines if you are doing well with the song. If this game interests you, don't waste your time, you should get a copy now.