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SAW - Pre-Played

This will surely blow you mind just like what its movie counterpart did. If in the movie you do not have the power to help out the prisoners, now you have all the power in your hand to free them. At each stage or level in the game you must help a prisoner escape.

There will always be puzzles and brain teasers in Saw Xbox 360 action game discount. This will always leave you thinking of what you are supposed to do. It will still have its same old dangerous and scary feel to it that will surely scare you out of your wits. You are trapped in an insane, abandoned asylum that he controls and life of the prisoners are at stake when his puzzles are not solved. Traps are everywhere so make sure that you are careful with every step.

The Jigsaw Killer is the enemy that Detective Tapp must defeat. He is also known as the evil god and loves to play games and if Detective Tapp is not able to solve that puzzle then it will cost one prisoner. And the prisoner will die in a slow painful death. Detective Tapp is the character controlled by the player all throughout the game.

Prisoners must endure the nasty smell and dirty rooms where they are confined. Everything place in Saw Xbox 360 action game discount is broken, very old and some hides a secret that can cost their lives. So Detective Tapp must move fast or else they will all die.

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If you enjoyed the movie version of this game, then you will surely enjoy the Saw Xbox  360 action game. Solve the puzzles fast and you might be able to free one prisoner. The evil god will not talk for a bargain so think fast and smart because you are the only chance for all the prisoner's survival.