Street Fighter IV Cheap Xbox 360 Fighting Game

Street Fighter IV - Pre-PlayedExperience the new Street Fighter IV cheap Xbox 360 fighting game. This video game became so popular since its release by Capcom 22 years ago. Now it was taken into new heights since the dawn of advance technology and surely delivers new features, developers surely know how to make huge rooms for improvement. Though the original fighting moves and techniques were still intact, but the game was still the same but with applied advancement of the next generation technology that would show the wonders of virtual martial arts.

Street Fighter IV cheap Xbox 360 fighting game is the fourth installment in the franchise which has the same style as Street Fighter II. It brings back the same moves, characters, techniques and six-button control scheme. The old Street Fighter warriors are back to compete in classic battles in 2.5D environments.

You can choose from the all-time favorite Street Fighter characters Ken, Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li or you can also choose to fight as new characters such as female super-spy Crimson Viper, lucha libre wrestler El Fuerte or MMA fighter Abel. The game offers challenges for beginners and also for Street Fighter Pro. New moves are also available such as focus attacks Ultra Combo and Super Combo attacks.

You can still choose your favorite characters and several other new ones were also introduced. These characters and the environment are rendered in stylized 3D and the gameplay is in classic 2D.
Street Fighter IV cheap Xbox 360 fighting game is highly anticipated by many. The hardcore fans of fighting games would surely want to own one.

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Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360

Street Fighter IV,  Xbox 360

Price: $7.99
Time Left: 7h 23m
Street Fighter IV (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009)

Street Fighter IV (Microsoft Xbox 360,  2009)

Price: $24.99
Time Left: 7h 41m

Street Fighter is one of the pioneers in the fighting video game genre. A lot of fans would surely appreciate the Street Fighter IV cheap Xbox 360 fighting game because it gives it a totally new dimension in gameplay but still preserves the traditional ones that the players has been accustomed to.