The Beatles™: Rock Band™ Cheap Xbox 360 Music Game

The Beatles: Rock Band - Pre-Played
All the fans of The Beatles are surely partying right now because they get to jam with the band. The Beatles™: Rock Band™ cheap Xbox 360 music game will surely let you play all the classic, top songs of the band and get to play in all the historical venues where The Beatles played their hit songs.

There are already 45 songs loaded included in the game and this for sure will keep you busy. The Beatles™: Rock Band™ cheap Xbox 360 music game is fully compatible with almost any type of music-game hardware. The instruments used in the game were all patterned to each of the band's instruments.

Get to play with closed doors at the Abbey Road which the Beatles made famous. This is where they made and recorded their top hit songs and made the place a historical place. Other legendary venues included in the game are the Ed Sullivan Theater, Shea Stadium, Nippon Budokan, The Cavern Club and the last place where they performed, the Apple rooftop.

Also get rare audios and pictures as you play The Beatles™: Rock Band™ cheap Xbox 360 music game, as long as you earn high scores. Collect all rare photos and audios that you cannot find anywhere. Hit the right notes and reach the right pitch and get to the next level and earn combo points. Setting up your band is easy and fast, then you will be playing in just a matter of minutes.

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Be part of the legendary band now. Get your own copies of The Beatles™: Rock Band™ cheap Xbox 360 music game here at an affordable price. If you are truly a Beatles' fan then you will surely appreciate this game as it is all about the legendary band and their historic performances.