Wet Cheap Xbox 360 Shooter Game

Wet - Pre-Played

Rubi Malone was asked to do a simple job and that is to look for the missing son of his client. After awhile, she is into deep with the job and it is not as simple as what she expected. So at Wet cheap Xbox 360 shooter game, Rubi Malone was forced to run for her life but she is not easily going to give up.

Rubi is not just an assassin but she is a lot of things. She is also beautiful, smart and of course, deadly. So as you track down the man that hired her, you will be brought all around the world. As you go to your journey you will not go without any weapons such as guns and swords. No matter what it takes, Rubi will wipe out anyone who will be in her way.

Armed with revenge, she tracks down the man that put her life in danger. No matter what it takes and it does not matter if a lot of people will die along the way, she is determined to track him down. This is the player's goal in Wet cheap Xbox 360 shooter game.

The player will perform stunts, a 360 degree flip and even acrobatic stunts. The game combines a little bit of exaggeration, humor and of course not stop violence. You also get to use sword for battle which will be a great help when you are out of ammunition. Get to shoot at you enemies whether you are running, climbing or up in the air. This is truly a game that will literally make you want to flip.

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Enjoy Wet cheap Xbox 360 shooter game's acrobatic moves and it is not always that the main character in the game is a woman. Rubi Malone is no ordinary woman and she will fight back at any cost. She is no ordinary woman and she is determined to take down the man who betrayed her.