Ultimate Alliance CheapThese types of games belong to the action genre. Characters engages in close combat. Characters beat each other using skill and strength. Best Xbox 360 fighting games are
Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Battle Fantasia and Dragon Ball. Enjoy these games and be hyper while exercising your fingers on the game controllers. All of these can also be experienced with seamless online multiplayer mode.

When it comes to fighting Street Fighter, players are involved in different matches like quarter match, quick match, custom match and creative match. Arcade mode, VS mode, training mode or CPU battle are the Offline game options. You can also try playing Mortal Combat and experience the classic fatalities and fighting action.
2 Games - Call of Duty MW3 & Halo3 For Xbox 360

2 Games - Call of Duty MW3 & Halo3  For Xbox 360

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Fighting games are usually played one-on-one with the characters chosen by the players. Each character would have their own special move that can be done by rapid successions of presses on the controller. You can attack, defend and be a winner or even an ultimate champion.