High School Musical CheapThis video game has become very popular to those who love music and concerts. The gameplay is mainly about the player's dealing with musical instruments, musical score and songs. Although as the popularity increased, different styles of gameplay were also developed. This type of game is usually grouped with puzzle games because they use "rhythmically generated puzzles".

A very popular example of Music video game is High School Musical. It is also considered as a family game that every member of the family can enjoy the fun, music and energy of their favorite High School Musical song. You can also dance and play with the favorite character or you can create a customized character of your choice.

Music video games can also be enjoyed in multiplayer mode. Special moves can unlock special items. Or you can just simply enjoy the biggest, most diverse and beautiful soundtrack of the game. If you are a music lover and love games as well then you have to try and look for a Music video game right now.