Puzzle Fighter CheapIf you're into brain twisting games and imrove your skills when it comes to logic, strategy, pattern recognition, sequence solving and word completion, then you have to look for the best puzzle games for Xbox 360. Adventure, Action adventure games and Music video games has puzzle elements.

An old and well-known puzzle game is Puzzle fighter, a version of Street fighter but it's a puzzle version. Gems fall and you aim is to put together same colored gems in your character's playfield. You don't fight with the same moves that you will do in the original fighting version of the game but the moves will also be shown as you play the game.


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Another good puzzle game that you can play on your Xbox 360 is the Word Puzzle. It may sound like it's a classic game but there are new features that you would like to find out. If you want to prove how you are great when it comes to texts and words then you would want to try this one out.