Gotham Racing CheapIf you want some adrenaline pumping and the real feel of being in a race, then you should take a look at the exciting racing video games of Xbox 360. Great graphics and cool cars - makes you feel that you're really on a race track competing with a lot of different players.

A good racing game that is highly accredited by gamers is Forza Motorsport. This is a very realistic game that shows real locations, real cars and realistic racing experience. Another recommended racing game is the Burnout Paradise. If you want to witness and experience a car crash then you ought to try this one.
Forza 2 Motorsports New Xbox 360, Video Games

Forza 2 Motorsports New Xbox 360,  Video Games

Price: $5.49
Time Left: 45m

Racing brings forth fun and a totalle fast-paced experience. The race shows different kind of settings and locations that you would surely love. Gone are the days were the setting are all the same that makes the race too dull and boring. So if you want to test your driving skills, take a look at the list and take your pick.