Wet Xbox 360 Shooter Game

wet xbox 360

Release Date/s:

September 15, 2009 (North America)
September 18, 2009 (Europe)

Developer/s: Artificial Mind and Movement

Publisher/s: Bethesda Softworks

Wet boasts off its great gunplay mechanics, and brisk, lively pace.  Its original soundtrack adds excitement to this acrobatic shooter video game.  You can also create moments filled with action.  Its playing mode is only available for a single player.  Twin pistols and a sword will be the primary weapons of Rubi, the protagonist in Wet.  The attacking strategies of the player can also be combined.

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The health of our heroine can also be regenerated through racking up kills, acquiring multiplier icons and accumulating bottles of whiskey.  Noir style is used in presenting some sections of the game, emphasizing the use of visuals in bold red, black and white.  Quick time events are also featured in the motorway sections with shooting features.

Three different factors will be used in grading the player at the end of each stage of the game.  These factors are the time consumed in completion, the acrobatics stunts used, and the average multiplier.  How the players perform in these categories will determine how much style points will be given to the player.  These style points can be used in buying upgrades for Rubi and her weapons.

wet video game xbox 360

*Wet Xbox 360 shooter game screen shots.

wet xbox 360 action game

Health blocks and increase in firing rates are examples of the upgrades that can be bought using these style points.  Aside from Rubi Malone, the main character in the game, there are also other characters.  Other roles played in the game include Rupert Pelham or Mr. Ackers, Zhi, Ratboy or Dr. Afro, Sorrell or Ze Kollektor, Tarantula, Huang Jun Li, Milo, Kafka Dvorak, and Ming.  The storyline of the game takes place in various locations including London, Texas and Hongkong.  The cuss-happy characters in the story further supplement the seedy plot.  Over-the-top action is further matched with the very well-paced story.  It is no longer deniable that Wet can give you one very thrilling ride.

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